That means selecting a pair of skates that optimize your speed, control, comfort and overall performance. At Riedellour team takes pride in providing roller skaters of every specialty and skill level with the resources and support they need to excel. Whether you need a fast, resilient pair of derby skates to cut through any defensive line or just want a comfy pair of high-quality recreational skates to glide around in, Riedell has you covered.

Many new roller skaters are surprised when they realize just how customizable skates can be. Almost every facet of a roller skate—including its boot, plate, cushions, wheels and bearings—can be built to suit the specific skating style, preferences and limitations of its wearer. Best of all, Riedell offers sets for almost every type of skating imaginable, allowing you to find a fantastic product regardless of your skating style.

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Speed is the name of the game when it comes to our womens rink and speed skate sets. These products pair low-cut designs that enable fantastic ankle flexibility with wheels and bearings that optimize acceleration and speed, leaving competitors in the dust. Because Riedell developed some of the first derby skates in existence, we have extensive experience with building skates that help derby athletes thrive. Our derby skate sets feature form-fitting boot designs, resilient plates and state-of-the-art wheels to ensure maximum speed, flexibility and control.

Rhythm skating necessitates highly flexible and maneuverable equipment to keep up with all of its slides, dances and shuffle skating routines. Outdoor skating can take place in a variety of harsh environments, which is why our womens outdoor skate sets emphasize durability and safety above all else. Artistic skating encompasses a wide range of disciplines including precision skating, pairs skating and solo danceand many of these art forms involve demanding jumps and landings.

To account for these demanding moves, our womens jam skate sets utilize lightweight materials, low-cut boot designs, dance plugs and advanced ceramic bearings, granting wearers full freedom of movement and an unbeatable level of comfort. These athletes tend to forgo pre-made sets in favor of building their own unique skates. Skaters might even feel compelled to play with the aesthetic of their skates, making equipment that reflects their unique style and personality. Thanks to our huge selection of boots, plates, wheels, bearings and accessories for womens roller skates, Riedell can help you create a skate that beautifully matches your performance needs and preferences.

Riedell offers both High Top and Low Cut womens roller skate boots, allowing you to choose a design that matches your skating requirements. Our High Top boots typically boast strong ankle support, which is an invaluable feature for outdoor, rhythm and artistic skating.

Our Low Cut skate boots provide superior ankle freedom, making them an excellent choice for derby, jam and speed skating. Feel free to explore our Roller Skate Boot page for more specific details on each boot design. These products combine revolutionary designs with strong, lightweight materials, delivering peerless performance across every skating style.

Our Radar and Sonar wheels are designed to provide exceptional grip, durability and versatility. Because they utilize the best urethane formulas in existence, we recommend Radar Wheels for high-level athletes and competitive styles of skating.Meant for women that are new to skating, or skating casually. It provides stability and comfort so that you will come back again and again, to enjoy the fun and health benefits of inline skating. It is able to quickly and easily tighten evenly around your foot, without having to battle any laces.

Easy, supportive and looks great. Built-in performance that recreational skaters won't outgrow, and skilled skaters can enjoy. Give your knees a break and get the cardio workout you are looking for with the 84 Boa. The Mod looks and feels faster in black and green. Custom-fit foam and ventilated microfiber uppers provide comfort right out of the box. Great for marathons and serious cross-training.

Recommend for experienced skaters; no brake option available. Stiffer than K2's traditional softboots to have response and power transfer more like that of an urban skate. Long triskate frames make them stable and easy to skate. Being one-sided they will turn heads, while also perform nicely and let out extra colors from the wheels looks awesome with LED wheels.

Features large wheels on a rockerable frame. You can expect fast and fun for urban skating activities. Checkout 0. Home Skates Women's. K2 inline skates are known for their patented softboot technology that you can feel right out of the box with no break in required. Look for the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon on the boot! K2 will donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research on these models.

K2 Recreational Inline Skates - Womens Kinetic Skates are made specifically for beginning, recreational and casual skaters. They focus on comfort and stability with vibration dampening plastic frames and soft 80mm wheels to keep speed under control.

Alexis Skates start at 80mm with plastic frames, and work up to aluminum frames and 90mm wheels, offering increased performance and speed sutitable for fitness skating mm is best for those already comfortable on wheels. Standard, Speed and Boa Lacing are among other differences to consider. Get in on the fun and benefits of inline skating with designs meant to be easy-to-skate and comfortable out of the box. Wheels: 4x80mm Type: Recreational Level: Beginner Meant for women that are new to skating, or are skating casually where cost and comfort are what matters most.

The Kinetic Pro adds convenience with speed-lacing and locking tab to keep them from loosening up on you.

Roller Blades for Women

They are still good for entry-level and casual skating, but the added performance is nice as skills and demands increase.On this page, you will find inline skates for women and girls in various designs and for different purposes. We have roller blades for city skating, fitness and recreational use, and with a great variety of models and colors you will most likely be able to find a pair of inline skates that match your taste and needs.

Smaller wheels are especially suitable for beginners and low intermediates or shorter distances like city skating and regular rollerblading. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to start out with smaller wheels. This way the roller blades get a lower center of gravity which provides you with more maneuverability and it makes it easier for you to keep the balance. If you want to use your roller blades downtown as a transportation device, you should aim for smaller wheels.

It will become much easier to quickly turn and stop which will come in handy on the busy streets where you will be presented with many changing directions and obstacles.

Bigger wheels are suitable for longer distances and for fitness purposes. It will be easier for you to maintain speed and you will use less energy on reaching it. This makes riding longer distances much more comfortable. Having doubts about whether the wheels will be too big? As long as the roller blades fit your feet well and are comfortable to wear, you can choose men's or unisex roller blades without any worries.

In general, there are no big differences between men's and women's inline skates other than the visual design. However, there are some manufacturers who offer inline skates in a version for both women and men and in this way align the skates to the anatomy of the sexes.

womens inline skates

In these cases, men's and women's roller blades differ from each other on some levels - width, shape and the height of the cuff:. Remember that men's boots are made bigger than women's boots which means you should choose one size smaller if you are going for a model for men. As an example, you are most likely to choose a size 40 in unisex inline skates if you are a 41 in roller blades for women. You do not really have to put much thought into the inline skate frames - unless you are very experienced and wish to cut off some time on your lap or if you weigh more than 80 kg.

Most of our roller blades for women as well as our unisex inline skates are designed with an aluminum frame. Some frames are made of composite material which is a mixture of different materials. In general, aluminum frames are more durable than composite. They are also more stiff, providing a better transfer of power and directional stability at high speeds.

If you weigh above 80 kg, it will be more beneficial to go with a frame of aluminum. You would lose a lot of energy with the softer composite frame when setting off. Should you still have any questions or doubts about which skates to choose, you can find the answers in our guide to buying roller blades. Cart 0. Saved 0. Reset Apply. Good to know New inline skates or new wheels?Inline skates and rollerblades are popular choices for recreation and sports. Stocking up on replacement parts extends the life of your skates.

Kids' skates: Adjustable inline skates for kids extend in length as your child grows, so you don't have to replace them as often. Easy snaps on the skates make them simpler and faster for kids to put on themselves.

Speed skates: If you want skates for speed, look for lightweight designs. A longer wheelbase can be helpful with speed and stability. Replacement parts: Replacement wheels and skate tools are good to have on hand when a wheel needs replacing.

Brake pads are replaceable when they wear out, which allows you to keep your favorite skates in use longer. Some inline skates have a dual feature that lets them double as roller skates. Safety accessories for all skates include helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

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The Best Inline Skates for Women (2020 Reviews)

Frustration-Free Packaging. Amazon Global Store. New Used Renewed Collectible. Today's Deals. Amazon Warehouse. Happy Skate. Premium Service CA. Amazon Global Store UK. Skates Direct. There's a problem loading this menu right now.Inline skating has many perks, from being a great exercise and fun to getting people outdoors and a good activity for people of all ages.

But in order to really enjoy inline skating, you have to have the right pair of womens skates. It is important for women to purchase womens specific inline skates because they are made to fit the unique shape of a womans foot. These Specialized skates have a wider forefoot while having a narrower heel and higher instep.

The only exception to this would be that women with wider feet might want to consider getting a mens skate instead because womens inline skate do tend to be narrower. Womens inline skate wheels are an important feature to think about when purchasing your skates. Typically inline skate wheels are sized between 70 and 80 mm for recreational inline skating.

womens inline skates

A good general rule of thumb with wheels is that the larger the wheels on womens skates, the faster they go. Smaller wheels tend to do better with maneuverability. Womens inline skate wheels are also measured in durometer, or hardness. Typically harder wheels are better for hot pavement because they soften from the heat and ride better, while softer wheels give a softer ride all around. When it comes to being concerned with comfort, be sure to check out the specs on your skates boots.

Skate boots come in two main styles, hard shells and soft shells.

Inline Skates

Hard shell boots are not as common anymore because they tend to be less comfortable than their soft shell counterparts. Soft shellboots typically have plastic or carbon skeleton that allows for proper support, while the actual boot is made from softer materials that allow for better comfort. Womens skate liners are also very important when it comes to comfort.

The liner is the piece of the skate that you put your foot into, and because of the direct contact with your foot, it is important that your inline skate liner fit your foot properly. There are four main types of liners, standard liners, auto-fit liners, memory fit liners and heat moldable liners.

Standard liners on womens skates are made from foam and offer the most basic comfort. Auto-fit liners incorporate gel pads that contour to your feet and offer more support than their standard counterparts. Memory fit liners are like auto-fit liners, but they as their name suggests remember the mold of your foot and as you wear your womens skates over time, they will conform to your foot.

And finally, heath moldable liners are the best liners currently on the market. If you purchase a pair of skates with heat moldable liners you are going to be able to take your skates to a local shop where they will heat and mold them to your meet for the perfect custom fit. These are just some basics to get you started on finding the right pair of womens skates for you. If you would like further information check out our womens skates buying guide or if you have any questions feel free to contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives for help.

Now you can buy your skates without the worry of it not fitting correctly. Skates Finder the quick and easy route to finding your perfect pair of skates. Click the arrow below and fill out the simple form, we'll take care of the rest. Choose Adjustable 4.

womens inline skates

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Twister Edge W: The Perfect Skate for Ladies

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