Sign In. Edit S. Daniel 'Hondo' Harrelson 64 episodes, Jim Street 64 episodes, Christina 'Chris' Alonso 64 episodes, Dominique Luca 63 episodes, David 'Deacon' Kay 63 episodes, Victor Tan 62 episodes, Robert Hicks 57 episodes, Jessica Cortez 45 episodes, Jeff Mumford 27 episodes, Lieutenant Piper Lynch 18 episodes, Annie Kay 16 episodes, Daniel Harrelson, Sr.

Charice Harrelson 10 episodes, Nia Wells 9 episodes, Molly 9 episodes, Buck Spivey 8 episodes, Karen Street 7 episodes, Michael Plank 7 episodes, Nichelle 6 episodes, Brianna Harrelson 6 episodes, Metro—might be leaving, they panicked.

Besides Jessica, it appears that the rest the division is remaining intact. But we can never know for sure. Shemar rose to fame as the beloved Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. But now he heads up S. In his spare time, Shemar likes to post steamy shirtless selfies and we like to double-tap them. In the finaleshe hinted that she was leaving for a short time to train with the FBI.

But we're not convinced she's talking about a rekindled relationship with Hondo Jim is known for his cocky attitude and troubled family that often land him in hot water.

List of S.W.A.T. (2017 TV series) characters

Deacon is a long-time S. Off the small screen, the former Desperate Housewives and Private Practice star has been married to his wife since Chris is the only female S. It looks like Lina will definitely be back for season 3, as she posted a photo in early July from the set. Where would Hondo and the crew be without driver extraordinaire, Dominique? He always gets them out of sticky situations, though sometimes he gets himself into them, too.

We only see him in certain episodes, but his particular way of executing orders is very memorable. Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Shop Country Living's Spring Collection. Sonja Flemming. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Stephanie Sigman as Jessica Cortez. David Lim as Victor Tan. Alex Russell as Jim Street. Peter Onorati as Mumford.

More From Best of TV TV Schedule. Sign In. Season: 1 2 3. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. Piper Lynch to hunt down a serial bomber who is using drones as bombs. Meanwhile, Hondo's first day as a legal guardian to Darryl becomes complicated when his father unexpectedly moves in.

S3, Ep2. The mayor asks Lt. Lynch to enact a department review of the SWAT team while hunting down a fugitive leader of an infamous doomsday cult.

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Also, Luca asks the team to invest in his new passion project: a Guatemalan food truck. S3, Ep3. The latest addition to the team is already treading on thin ice with the commander when she circumvents the chain of command in an effort to take down a counterfeit ring.

S3, Ep4. S3, Ep5. A Jamaican gang highjacks a truck full of assault weapons destined for destruction, intending on selling them to multiple gangs in Long Beach; Luca's Guatemalan food truck plan starts to gain momentum; Hondo's Dad gets a diagnosis.

S3, Ep6.

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The Harrelsons have a tense family reunion when Hondo's older sister begrudgingly arrives to see their sick father for the first time in decades. The team searches for an abducted human rights activist;Luca's food truck business hits a bump in the road. S3, Ep7.You can find specific show content by clicking the menu system at the top of the screen. We scour the Internet for spoilers as well as posting our own exclusive spoilers Scripts, Casting Calls, Set Photos etc as well as recaps and other fun articles and polls.

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TV Scorecard. What's On Tonight. Submit Scoop. Newer Articles Older Articles. Show Selector 10 After Midnight 2 Death 3 Dr. Inbetween 30 Mr. Robinson 32 Mr. What's Trending Today! About Movie News Roundup.This is an overview of the regular, recurring, and other characters of the TV series S. He is portrayed by former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore.

When he was a kid, his father left the family after falling in love with another woman and moved to Oakland, Californiawhere he eventually had another daughter, Briana. Hondo and his dad remained in touch, going up to live with him during the summers of his teenage years. As a kid, Hondo and two of his best friends Leroy Michael Beach and Darryl ran with a gang, but after Darryl's death, Hondo went to high school graduating from Crenshaw High School [3] and eventually joined the force.

swat season 3 cast

InHondo was unexpectedly promoted to Team Leader after Buck was fired for accidentally shooting an unarmed black teenager during a shootout over senior team member Sergeant Deacon Kay Jay Harrington in a blatant attempt to ease the tensions between the community and the LAPD.

Four months prior to the series, Hondo began a surreptitious romantic relationship with Captain Jessica Cortez Stephanie Sigmanwhich, while frowned upon, was not expressly forbidden by LAPD policy; however, after his promotion to Team Leader which put him directly under her commandthe two struggled to keep their relationship secret.

Hondo ultimately broke up with her after they were caught by Commissioner Michael Plank Peter Facinelli in order to protect her career. In "Invisible", after failing to secure a good foster family for Darryl Henderson, the teenage son of his friend Leroy, Hondo decided to apply to become Darryl's official foster father.

She is a respected officer who has plans to improve the relationship between the LAPD and the citizens of Los Angeles, despite some resistance from the rank and file. She is portrayed by Stephanie Sigman. Four months prior to the series, Jessica began a surreptitious romantic relationship with SWAT Officer Hondo Harrelson Shemar Moorewhich, while frowned upon, was not expressly forbidden by LAPD policy; however, after his promotion to David Team Leader which put him directly under her commandthe two struggled to keep their relationship secret.

He transferred over from the Long Beach Police Department. He is portrayed by Alex Russell. Early on, Street proves to be a hotshot cop and a lone wolf, taking dangerous risks to get the bad guys, making Hondo question whether or not he's fit for SWAT.

He still visits his mother in prison, although his mother does take advantage of him, which leads him into more trouble with Hondo. Ultimately, in the season finale, Street strains his relationship with the team to deal with another crisis involving his mother, which leads to Hondo kicking him off SWAT.

Eventually, after learning his mother resorts into cocaine again, Street is finally done with his mother and moves out from his house. Afterwards, he apologized to Hondo, stating he was right all along. He eventually reports his estranged mother for parole violation and narcotics influence and has no choice but to send her back to prison.

He is dating Molly Hicks, who happens to be the daughter of his superior, Robert Hicks.

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She is portrayed by Lina Esco. In "Homecoming", Chris reveals to Street that she's bisexual, [4] and later mentions that her large, extended family initially struggled to understand her bisexuality, but now embrace it with one of her younger relatives teasing her about dating both boys and girls.Episode Guide Season 3.

S3 E Hondo and the SWAT team race to save Buck Louis Ferreiratheir former unit leader, when he goes off grid and they fear he plans to harm himself. Flashbacks reveal the search for Buck, which coincides with one of the team's most brutal missions, as each team member receives counseling and discusses the untold mental and emotional difficulties inherent to working in SWAT. TV L, V. Hotel L. The SWAT team must protect a hotel full of civilians after a joint task force mission with the LAPD Gang Division goes wrong, and the city's most dangerous gang leaders scatter across the building to find an escape.

Also, Luca's efforts to coordinate the team's mission are complicated when his brother, Terry Ryan Hurda freelance stringer reporter, crosses police lines to shoot footage. Gunpowder Treason. The SWAT team's search for an abducted teen leads them to a member of the Witness Protection Program and a decades-old political extremist group.

Also, Hondo and his girlfriend disagree over a guest speaker at her community center; Luca worries he's not physically ready to return to the field; and Commander Hicks reconnects with his estranged son.

S.W.A.T. Season 3 Episode 17 Photos: Preview of “Hotel L.A.”

Deacon's second job working private security at a high-profile boxing match places the SWAT team in the middle of a kidnapping case when a prize fighter's wife is abducted. Also, Hondo's young charge, Darryl, becomes frustrated with his lack of paternal rights regarding his infant son, and Tan prepares to introduce his critical mother to his girlfriend, Bonnie. The SWAT team searches for a link between the seemingly unconnected victims of a lone gunman targeting women.

Also, Luca assists with a homicide investigation in his neighborhood; Lieutenant Lynch pushes Chris to do a news interview; and Hondo reaches a juncture in his relationship with Nichelle.

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Ekitai Rashku. Hondo, Deacon, Tan and Commander Hicks engage in a manhunt across Tokyo when they escort an extradited fugitive to Japan, where he escapes local custody. Back in Los Angeles, the rest of SWAT search for any contacts the criminal cultivated while hiding out in Los Angeles, and Street isolates himself from the team as he deals with family issues.

Good Cop. Hondo and the SWAT team rally to support Street when he puts his life on the line to help his foster brother Nate Cory Hardrict break away from a drug ring. Bad Cop.

swat season 3 cast

Street is caught between his duty to SWAT and his commitment to his foster brother, Nate Cory Hardrictwhen Nate is ensnared in a criminal enterprise that could ruin them both.

Also, the SWAT team goes after a ruthless crew that uses deadly force while stealing from card casinos, and Buck Louis Ferreira approaches Deacon to partner on a private security opportunity. The SWAT team's task to provide security for a warlord is threatened by assassins determined to take him out before he's extradited by the International Criminal Court.

Also, Hondo's father, Daniel Sr.

swat season 3 cast

Sea Legs. S3 E9.Although it aired months ago, the season 2 finale of S.

swat season 3 cast

The last episode of the crime drama showed the Los Angeles S. After Hondo, Deacon, Tan, and the rest of the squad attempted to save the lives of L. Still, it left fans with a lot of questions like, where are Hondo and Daryll going?! Luckily, the CBS series has been renewed for a third season—and we will finally get answers this fall. We have a Season 3 premiere date. Prepare now. The series previously aired on Thursday nights, but will take Criminal Minds ' usual spot on Wednesdays come fall.

No new additions to the S.

Is Luca leaving SWAT? What happened to Kenny Johnson? Fans want answers over character’s absence

Shemar Moorewho plays Hondo on the show, recently shared a photo of himself and his fellow cast members filming for an upcoming episode. We don't know exactly what's next for S. In another revealing Instagram post, Shemar shared a video of himself holding his script for the show as he practiced getting into character. It's going down," he said. Because S. If you need us, we'll be spending the next three months trying to figure out what "Fire in the Sky" could mean! Home Maintenance.

Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Shop Country Living's Spring Collection. The CBS drama will now air on Wednesday nights.

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Former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore recently gave viewers some hints about the upcoming season on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. Criminal Minds - Season 1. Criminal Minds - Season 3. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Best of TV


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